Rebel Music

MTVU will premier the debut of a new documentary series known as “Rebel Music” this coming Monday and it will focus on the struggles of young artist in areas of conflict.

The First twu segments will be on Eygypt  at 9 and Afghanistan at 9:30.After that each of the other four , will be on Mali, India, Israel/Palestine, and Mexico,and will be broadcast weekly on MTVU’s channel and on their website

Unfortunately as of now, the site is unavailable, hopefully it will be available by Nov. 18. I feel that this could affect the popularity of the series because for a channel that is focused on college students I doubt many students pay for TV bundles that have MTVU. most students  know have basic cable or use the internet exclusively.

The series will be produced by Shepard Fairey, who is know for his activism, and artwork.

Artwork done for the Obama Campaign. Source:

Artwork done for the Obama Campaign. Source:

MTVU quoted Fairly as saying,

“Rebel Music mirrors the approach and philosophy I’ve embraced throughout my entire career – art as a catalyst for social change. MTV World has the ability to reach and give voices to young people around the world on a scale unlike a lot of other platforms, and it’s something to applaud,” said Shepard Fairey. “Rebel Music is reporting on very important content and ideas that remind people of the power of the combination of music, art, and activism. I’m excited to be working with the Rebel Music team on such a vital project for today’s generation.”

I’m very interested in seeing this on Monday, and also hope that the web site is up and running by then because that’s the only way I will see it.


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