“Hollow An Interactive Documentary “

I mentioned this film in the past and last night it was screened at WVU. Elaine McMillion ‘s Hollow is a film about West Virginia’s McDowell county.

The film goes into depth about the history, and the decline of this Southern county. This “Film” is unique because unlike most where the viewer is led by the hand on a narrative in this “Interactive ” Format the viewer can scroll down a time line and view over thirty interviews as you scroll. I guess film isn’t the right word for it it is more of a hybrid film and website.
The videos feature residents from all walks of life and show the multiple sides of McDowell county as well as some fun scenes.

McMillion not only is a WVU graduate but also was a major contributing factor in forming The WV Uncovered Coarse. She recently spoke about her forming of the class as well as on finding her on path.

McMillion also so went into depth about her making of Hollow while in school at Emmerson College.

For a taste of what I’m talking about here is a link it is recommended that you use Google Chrome.


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