Black Fish on CNN

This past week CNN aired the controversial documentary “Black Fish”. This film focuses on the Orca Whales held and captivity and the safety of trainers. The film was motivated by the 2010 death of a Sea World Trainer.  This has caused a major lash out at Sea World from activist groups. The film also has some questioning whether it is ethical to bring children to the park.

The film it cusses the ethics of keeping these animals in parks like sea world

Here we have the director explaining why she made her film in here own words.

But on the other side of the controversy is some feel that the parks are doing a service Here we have Jack Hanna explaining his point of view.

Hanna and Cowperthwaite also debated the film on CNN

One solution is the parks could possibly become animal sanctuaries for the  Whales.

My personal Belief on the whole thing is a mixture of uncertainty, and wonder. I  feel uncomfortable at zoos and other wildlife parks, because of the unnatural settings these animals are kept in, but I  agree with Hanna’s point that there is a lot to be learned from animals in captivity. I  feel that giving children the opportunity to experience these animals opens their minds to conservation and ecological efforts.


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