GoPro Social Media Pros

In the film community, GoPro is know for their resilient products , but in the social media circles they are known for their expert execution of twitter post, for advertising.

Two things that GoPro does to dominate social media advertising are the picture and video of the day posts and the Daily “Everything We Make” contest.

My favorite the Picture and video of the day is in my opinion the best possible way for GoPro to advertise their product; they simply post submissions from GoPro users and every day they post the “winner”. There doesn’t appear to be any prize for this other than recognition, but because of the GoPro camera’s versatility and indestructibility, they produce some of the most unique and entertaining videos and pictures I have ever seen.

These marketing strategies save money but also show users unique ways they can use the product.  The bold advertising strategy can be attributed to the bold inventor Nick Woodman.

In general the GoPro is a great product, I actually own the Hero 3 White edition myself and they only complaints I have are a low battery life, and the lack of an LCD screen. Though there is one offered it is a bit pricey to be bought separately of the camera itself.


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