West Virginia Documentaries

Today I would like to write about some local documentaries that embody West Virginia in my opinion.


First up is “Reconstructing Bill” this is a biography of West Virginia’s 24th Governor William C. Marland. Marland’s had an interesting life and it makes for a unique viewing of an intelligent man who turned to alcoholism and eventually reformed, but dies shortly after. I found this while looking for references for my West Virginia Goverment class and actual found it useful as well as oddly interesting.


Next up the unique interactive documentary “Hollow” the project director Elaine McMillion  is a graduate of WVU so I already have a soft spot for it. It takes a different approach to the documentary format and describes a very West Virginian history of the rise and fall of McDowell County.

Finally we have “Behind the Lights” this is really just a shameless shout out to my buddy Tyler Channell, but the film is a deep look  at the folk who work in to the coal mines of West Virginia.

Generally West Virginia is known for coal mines, and each of these three documentaries touch on this but each look at a different angle of them.


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