Crowd Source Documetaries

In straight journalism there is a trend toward crowd-sourcing journalism, such a CNN’s use of twitter on set for opinions, as well as multiple news organizations use of video footage from Youtube.

One documentary has caught on to the trend and had it’s subjects film themselves.Kevin MacDonald’s Life in a Day.This film allowed different individuals to upload videos to Youtube from all walks of life around the world on July 24 2010, and then edited the videos resulting in a montage of different individuals life stories.

life in a day

This film found a unique way to reduce cost by instead of trying to travel all over the world with camera crews and equipment ,”Life in a Day” archived an almost impossible task with a little bit of ingenuity.


The crowd-sourcing method also has the secondary affect of allowing the subject to be more comfortable and relaxed with the camera. I believe this is  is why we have scene like this and this that allow a very personal view into a subjects life.








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