Overview of the Past Week

Over the past week I learned a lot about the production of Documentaries and films in general, as well as some of the ethical issues filmmakers face.

My goal was to provide information on how films are made, but also provide tips and tricks as well as an inside view of the filmmakers world. I feel the hardest part of this was in making the post relevant , some I felt were more informative than others but so it goes.

I did learn through this experience some useful skills in finding information about film making.

First I learned Google and Wikipedia are a good first step but should be used more to find sites that provide the real meat of information.

Don’t site from Wikipedia, but do take advantage of the sources at the botttom of the article.

Second I found  this site was a wealth of knowledge about film making in general. as well as this blog, and this one provided a good source of information to build on.

Third I found that writing ideas , and pasting links for post under a draft was a good way to compile information for a later post.

Over all this past week has been an learning experience that will definitely help me improve my blog as time goes on.


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