Fair use and Public Domain

So we talked about using music in your film, but how do you get music for your film?  Well there are a couple of ways of going about it; you could use music in the public domain, or you could use  parts of copyrighted material as fair use to obtain music.

Sometimes you will not have the budget to pay for a famous song, but some sites offer songs that are in the public domain.

Things in the public domain are usually works of art that have not been copyrighted legally, or the artist has died and his or her work’s copyright has expired. For example.

Surprisingly the Beatles were one of the first bands to copyright their songs.

Using public domain works are generally the easiest legally option, but more often than not these works will be outdated or not of the best artistic quality.

Another method to obtain music, or other forms of art is with fair use.

Bbasically fair use is when a documentary filmmaker uses a brief excerpt of a copy
Righted work to make a point.There are different situations that this can be applied to, but this method allows filmmakers to use what would be copyrighted material to make the point of their argument with out having to 1)go through all the red tape of using copyrighted material,and 2) Paying the full price to use 10 seconds of a movie clip or a verse from a song.


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