Now that I have talked about some basics on Sound in documentaries I want to focus more specifically on music.

Music is like lighting, and camera angles it helps convey emotion and set the tone. This can be one of you most effective ways to bring the audience in to the mood you want them to see your film in.

Horror movies are the best at using  music to set the tone. This genre has many famous sound tracks that are immediately recognizable for the chill they send down your spine.

Nature films provide good examples of setting the mood in documentaries.

Here the use of long drawn-out notes of vocal and wind instruments give a feeling of serenity.

The choice of what music to use usually depends on your subject matter. A surfing film would probably rely on beach boy music or some thing Hawaiian sounding; while a political film might make use of compositions similar to a horror movie

See how it gets your heart racing?

Why is it that we react so quickly to music , some scientist have theories but I believe that there is a cultural drive towards music, and it is something that brings us together. For a social  species I believe this is useful.


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