Interviewing Techniques

The meat of many documentaries is  in interviews. Interviews allow the filmmaker to show opinions and share experts analysts of the subject matter.

Here I want to give some tips on finding a good Interview subject, what types of questions to ask and how to ask them.

The Interview Subject usually will be an expert on the subject you are covering, unless you are doing a man on the street type interview. If you are doing a documentary on a more controversial subject try it is generally a good idea to get both sides of view so interview subjects on both sides of an issues is more ethical, but not always done.

If you have any trouble getting interviews these tips might help.

Once you have found a subject for your interview has some tips on how to conduct the interview.

The most important things you can draw from this video is making sure the subject understands the issue your documentary is focusing on and asking open ended questions.

Another great tip that the video doesn’t mention is have the camera rolling before, and after you are done with your questions; you may get some great insights while just shooting the breeze.


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