The last couple of weeks I have talked about how to get funding and how filmmakers make money from their projects but this week I would like to look at the more artistic side of documentary film making.

So Lights, Camera, Action.

Typically there are three main types of lights used in interviewing, the key light , fill light, back light and these allow the camera to reduce shadows and capturing a subject in a appealing view.  Three Point Lighting is used in many popular films and can be quite versatile. This video by on youtube gives a more in-depth look at how three point lighting is used.

Lighting sets the tone for a film , generally interviews will be shot in a neutral light , but if a filmmaker wants to bring out an emotion in his or her audience the right lighting can really make a difference. also has some good tips on how to achieve this.

These offer some good techniches for shooting in a studio environment, but if you find your self outside, blogger


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