Check out my (blog) roll

I just added new sites to my Blog Roll so check them out

Around the Block

This is a blog written by Doug Block, a documentary filmmaker who blogs about his life and experiences. I feel this will be useful for getting an idea of the film making process.

Center for Iindependent Documentary

This blog is all about getting money to the people who need it. The Center for Independent Documentary was created to create films and videos on issues of contemporary social and cultural concern.  This will be a good blog to follow to get a good idea of how some documentaries are being funded

Documentary filmmakers association.

The DFA was created to help South African Filmmakers. I like to shed some light on what documentary filmmakers outside of the U.S. deal with.

Hurlbut Visuals

This blog offers a great resource in documentary film-making techniques. It can be used to gain information on tips and tricks to improving documentary film quality.

Another Filmmaker blog; David Tamés not only makes films but he also teaches about documentary film-making. It’s nice to get as many perspectives as I can from as many filmmakers as I can.

Matthew Hashiguchi

One more filmmaker blog this one by an award winning film maker based in Cleveland. Once again I like to get the perspective of as many filmmakers as I can.

Nothing But The Doc

This Blog is all about documentary films; it features trailers, review, and history on documentaries. This blog will be useful as a resource reviews on new films, and as a history resource.

POV’s Documentary Blog

This is a blog produced by PBS and is a leviathan of information on, not just documentary films but also the production of films.  The more information I can find on how documentaries are made the better, each one offers interesting tips, and this one is one of the best.



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